How to choose your local locksmith

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If you are looking to hire a local locksmith for your project or for an emergency situation, down below we will share valuable information on choosing the best one for your needs.
Many of these tips will be useful for pretty much any contractor as well as plumber, electrician, lawn care and more. Locksmith play very important role in your home security or business.

Make sure you call a local locksmith

One of the best way to support your community is when you hire a local locksmith. There is many advantages to go local. If you are in North Austin you should be looking for a Locksmith in Cedar Park area, and the same if you are located in San Marcos, need to search for a locksmith in San Marcos.

Calling a local locksmith means that he will get to you really quick if you are in need of emergency lockout or car lockout in a summer texas day.

You don’t want to wait for a tech guy who is pretty far. Following the same logic this specialist will be much cheaper than someone driving from far.

But choosing a local company could be a challenge sometime. Because many of the google ads are saying that they are local but, they are actually not. It is getting kind of confusing right here for many customers, what exactly we mean is that most of the advertising companies they only forward jobs to real locksmiths, and they do advertise as a local companies.

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But if you dig in their websites you will be surprised that they are actually based in some other state, and only have a websites for different cities or states. Make sure the phone number you are calling is local, and stay away from dispatch companies they are even out of the country.

Check their credentials

This step is very important to make sure who’s really before you.

  • make sure to verify if the locksmith have a license of Texas State
  • check if the locksmith company have an enterprise insurance
  • ask for an invoice and a business card

State of Texas require all locksmiths to have a specialized license, which is part of the Texas private security. Insurance is also necessary, that will give you a piece of mind if something happen to your vehicle or your property when the locksmith is working on. Business cards and invoices are another thing that shows that the company is accredited and reliable.

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Check Google, Yelp and other platforms

Use the internet to search for the best locksmith that suit your needs. Nowadays almost any reputable business have their own website, which you can find in the internet. Search in google for local locksmith near you and look in their website.

You will find all the info that you need as business hours, service area, do they do commercial or automotive services and etc. You can also read the testimonials and check pictures of their work projects.

Yelp is pretty large platform which connects any kind of businesses and customers. You can search there as well for local locksmiths and see all the different companies, locksmith stores or mobile locksmiths. In yelp you can open their business profile and read what services they offer, check prices and read their reviews.

Read the reviews

Reviews are showing the quality of the work, how good the locksmith is, does he gets there on time and do they have a warranty on their work. One of the best way to check if that locksmith is really good is to read some of the reviews from a real customers, you will learn all that you need to know, and how did their experience was with that company. In Google you can also check their reputation and see if that enterprise is what you have been looking for.

When reading reviews it is important to check not just the five stars once but the one star as well. See what other customers did not really liked in that locksmith, that will help you choose the right company.

Word of mouth

This is the best way to get your locksmith referral from your friends or family. More than 80% of the customers turn to their neighbors, colleagues or friends first. The people you trust are your best option to find your locksmith. Ask them if they have ever hired a locksmith, or when do the go to get a key duplication. Maybe they have been locked out before, and they can recommend a local locksmith who helped them before.

Get a quote from locksmiths

If you still not sure if that is the right locksmith company for you, or you can’t decide between a few different locksmiths, you should call them and request a quote. Give the locksmith company a call and make sure you talk to a real person or the technician. If you are connected to dispatch call center most likely this is out of state company. Make sure you request estimates from these companies that you are interesting to work with, the cost of the service for sure will make you decide with which locksmith exactly to go.

If a locksmith doesn’t want to give you a price over the phone, be aware that there is something not right for sure.

If he is being locksmithing for long time he should be able to give you prices for pretty much any services or at least a price range.

Also if the price seems too low to you, or locksmith quote you with their starting prices like 19$ or 25$ for a car key replacement, this is part of a large locksmith scam. These unqualified people take advantage of customers who are looking for the best deal out there. But instead you get on the hook and they overcharge you once the job is completed. Very common situation in the industry so be aware for these starting prices as well.

Ending notes

Ask your relatives and friends for a good local locksmith in your area, if they have not used one before make sure you do a good research in google and check their website as well, spend some time on that because it is for your home security. Once you find the right locksmith company they will help you with every key situation and make your day much better, and you will be using them if need in the future as well.

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Honest professionals like Cobra Locksmith in Cedar Park will always help their customers even if you call us from different city we can recommend you reputable assistance in your area.

So you can follow our tips for choosing a locksmith in your area, and we are sure you will find a real pro who can make you a new car key, or to replace the locks on your new home.

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