Locked out of the vehicle? What should I do?

car key - lockout from the vehicle

Car lockout happens all the time, and today in this article we are going to share valuable information, and help you prevent that bad faith from happening to you. If you know how to get around in a situation like that, you can save money and time. Some of the newest vehicles have smart key fobs, which sending signals and basically you can not lock the key inside the car.But not always, when that remote battery is getting low, the signal that send to the computer of the vehicle is not strong enough to recognize it.

In most cases, people get locked out when they are in a big hurry for somewhere, like an important meeting, work, or picking up your kid from school. This is a bit stressful but it is very important to stay calm and take the right decision. We help many customers daily, and we are experts in the lockout service, but not only.

There are many ways to prevent getting stranded out of your car, and that's why we here for you, to prepare you, save you time and money, and most important nerves.

Always have a spare key

Having another key around will get you back in your vehicle really quick, but the thing is if you are far from home and your 2nd key is there. Hopefully, there will be someone who can bring you the fob or you can get a cab. Many people don’t even have another car key, which could be a big issue in especially if it turns out your key is not even inside the car and it is lost. That small mistake can cost you a fortune and time-consuming.

So we will highly recommend you have an extra fob for your vehicle, but you can find more tips in our previous article Why do you need a spare key?

Another old trick, we don’t strongly recommend it if you have a work van full of expensive equipment or sort of, is keeping valet or just metal key is hidden somewhere on the chassis of your truck. Usually, a small magnet box works as a key holder, put a door key and stick the magnet box in some hidden place so only you can find it.

This will help you get in the truck, if you ever get locked out, just don’t forget where the key was hidden!

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Have a locksmith

Having a locksmith who you worked with before can be very helpful and will save you lots of time doing all the research before choosing one. In especially if you get locked out on a summer Texas day, sitting outside on the heat and searching for a reputable specialist who is close to you can be a challenge. So really having a locksmith in your phonebook can be a real help.

Just a phone call and your life savior will be there to unlock your car. Most of the time it’s not really worth it trying to do it yourself, you can scratch the door, waste much more time and even damage the vehicle.

This service is not expensive and we recommend you to call the professionals at Cobra Locksmith to do it for you. We always make the process flawless and painful, because we have years of experience and we use top quality tools.

Keyless entry keypad

Many vehicles out there like Ford are using keypad entry, just because lockout as we said is one of our most popular services. And big manufacturers know that and for a reason, they also tried to prevent their valuable customers from getting locked out. Keypads have been installed on the driver door on most of the Ford vehicles as well as other makes.

This works really great only if you are the first owner of the vehicle, and the door code has been given to you.

But nowadays many of the vehicles we buy are preowned, and the key code gets lost or forgotten. This door combination can be easily obtained by an authorized locksmith or dealership, if your vehicle has a keypad on the door and you were always wondering what is the secret code, just give us a call and we can plug in our key machine and read the combination or even change it to your desire unique code. This is probably the best way of getting in your vehicle if you have left your keys in the truck and the door locks behind you.

Many of our customers does this mistake while doing a grocery, usually, they only unlock the trunk, just to unload all the goodies including their car keys or purse inside, and after they close it and go around they do realize what mistake has been done, and the car remains locked with the keys and the all the bags in the trunk. That's where the keypad on the door comes into action as long as you remember the entry code.

Bluetooth OBD entry system

Another great way of getting around lockout situations is installing a Bluetooth device in your car. There are a few good products on the market, fairly new, user friendly and it is simply plugged and play. This is our to-go product and we have it in every locksmith van of our fleet, because our trucks don’t have an entry keypad, and we do get locked out as well.

Basically, this is a small dongle that plugs in the OBD connector and connects to your phone by an app. From there you can lock and unlock your vehicle, there are a few cool settings like an auto-lock when you walk away from your car, or opposite unlocks when you get few feet close to your vehicle. Works for and make and model. Pretty neat product, wireless controlling your vehicle from your phone, and we all have our phones at all times.

Ending notes and recap

Let’s repeat the steps you shoud to do for getting out from the situation:

  • Always have a spare key
  • Have a locksmith
  • Use keyless entry keypad if can
  • Install bluetooth OBD entry system

Some of these simple steps can save your entire day, and even more. We share this valuable information with you because we know how frustrated a person can be, and sometimes even painful. We have unlocked numerous vehicles with a dog locked inside the car on a hot Texas day.

That’s why at Cobra Locksmith we created Emergency Locksmith Service for situations like this, we also provide emergency lockout of kids, free of charge in Cedar Park TX area. Follow our guidelines and stay away from trouble. Thank you for supporting small businesses, and stay tuned for our next blog.

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