Lost or Stolen Keys? What should I do?

lost keys restoration by Cobra Locksmith

In this fast and busy life we often forget things or misplace them. Keys and phones are one of the most common lost items. Just because we care them all the time, and we use many times a day, we often forget where we place our keys.

Usually you find it, but what would you do if it is really lost or even stolen. In this article, we will cover all of these questions, and anything you need to know if you have lost your key. In a situation like this people are frustrated and not knowing who to call, or what to do, might cost you even more.

Many not qualified companies out there are offering services for what they are not even licensed or authorized to do. So at Cobra Locksmith we want you to be prepared and we are sharing this valuable information with you.

Make sure your key is really lost

This is very important, as a locksmith we always ask our customers if they really have lost their keys, just because we have seen it all. Make sure you search everywhere before calling a locksmith. In situations like being late for work, or some important business meeting and in a hurry like that it is often to misplace keys or some other items when we need them the most.

People are not concentrated at that moment, they often call us before even search in the most random places. We encourage all of our customers to look in their house, car, or office before calling for emergency service. Whether if you have lost your keys for your vehicle or home, contacting your local locksmith can solve the problem you are facing with.

Also important step before calling someone for help is to check if you have a spare key somewhere in the house, or maybe your partner or parents have. That will save you a lot of time and money, as we have talked before in our previous articles spare keys are kind of a small investment and if you still dont have one should definitely consider it.

Lost car or house keys

There are three handy tips to help you in this emergency situation:

  • Gather some vehicle information and proof of ownership before calling for service.
  • Do some research or ask a friend for recommendation before you hire someone.
  • Call a local locksmith for emergency assistance if you are locked out of your home.

New key cutting process

Lost car key

If that is the case and you do not have a spare key for your vehicle, it is more complicated originating a new one from scratch. Skilled locksmith can make pretty much any vehicle key no matter if it is just a regular metal one or with transponder chip, which requires special programming. Most of the technicians do not work on foreign vehicles or especially german cars, so make sure the company you hire work not only on USA brands.

Lost house key

Even if you are not locked out or if you still have another set of keys, it is very important to re-key the locks or replace them with new hardware, so old keys are no good anymore. We know you want to be on the safe side, because you dont know in which hands that key is right now, so contact locksmith near you to suggest what are your best and most efficient option.

Tips to stop losing your keys

As professionals, we can recommend you to stay organized, and always leave things back where they belong. But nowadays technologies are everything and there are many key finder devices that you can invest in. These little trackers are getting more and more popular because you can use it to track your:

  • keys;
  • phone;
  • wallet;
  • bag;
  • other personal items.

Stolen keys

If your key has been stolen or your boyfriend/girlfriend did never returned, you should reach out to key specialist and they will change the locks or rekey you home. Pretty much the same thing for a vehicle, we can rekey your car and deactivate the other key that someone took from you, and it will no longer work.

Of course when it comes to vehicles they could be more complicated, just because new cars are equipped with an immobilizer system, and there is a transponder chip in the key. Which will require deactivating stolen key.

Stay calm

In a situation like this people often panic and dont know how to act. It is crucial to be calm and take the right decision. Check on the most common places if your key is somewhere misplaced, or if it is been stolen don’t wait and call a technician to come change the locks on your house.

Ending notes

Keys are very easy to lose and just remember first to check your pockets, and if you dont find it there or anywhere in your house make sure you have the proper documents to prove that this is your vehicle, or your home if you are locked out.

This is a common mistake you are not the only one in this situation, and you should not panic or get nervous. Just relax and call a professional in your area to come help you out.

So following our tips in this article you should be more than prepared if anything like this happens to you. And dont forget to get a spare key or at least a small keychain tracker.

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