Mobile Locksmith vs Dealership


In this article, you will learn about the benefits that a mobile locksmith has to offer compared to your traditional car dealership. From the price difference, time-saving to supporting small and local businesses.


As it’s the most common place to purchase a vehicle, the dealership is where a lot of people feel most comfortable getting repairs done and trust their work done by skilled and trained technicians/mechanics. But that is only because official dealerships used to do all the services for the brand of the vehicles that they sell.

Nowadays, that service can be done in many different places than the dealership. Dealerships will always charge you the most for a key to be made because they believe not many others can duplicate or program a key like them. On top of the price, they also take a long time to cut and program your key and you and/or your car could be at the service department for a long time. High-end luxury vehicles, European brands, or rare and old models could take up to a few weeks for them to order and deliver the part from out of the country.

For many older or discontinued models, even if it is for American brands like Chevrolet or Ford, they can not make a key for it and the only option is to call a professional locksmith. At Cobra Locksmith we get calls like this all of the time, for example, a local dealership has a customer with an old classic car, and they will call us to do the car key replacement.

Mobile Locksmith

Nowadays, mobile locksmiths can do much more than just copy a key or help get you into your locked car, home, or business. We can also cut and program car keys at your location, no need to tow the vehicle to the dealership. We use the same OEM car keys that the dealerships use and offer a variety of benefits with our service.

Likewise, we know many people have busy schedules and can be annoyed with the thought of taking your car to the dealership, therefore, we come to you! At work, school, kid’s events? We are fully mobile and can schedule a time to come where it’s convenient for you. Most of the time we can do the same-day service, or we can work with your schedule whenever you have a day off or lunch break we can come out. Usually duplicating a key or program remote will only take 20 min to 30 min from start to finish.

No need to waste your day off and deal with a greedy salesman trying to sell you a new car at the dealership.

We are local, and our prices are transparent, in most cases, we can give you a price over the phone, all we need is the exact year make, and model of your vehicle.

We will always offer a better price than the dealership, all you must do is give us a call to get the best quote for your specific car key.

Not only that, but we use the top of the line, cutting-edge technology to cut and program all keys. From olds mobile, traditional ignition keys to push to start smart intelligent key fobs, we can cut and program keys for any make and model up to 2022.

Why we?

We at Cobra Locksmith keep in stock all the remotes and key fobs for any make and model, our fully-loaded locksmith on wheels has the ability to do keys that a car dealership will fail or will have to replace the ECU computer on the vehicle or some other module. A service like that could cost a fortune, the good news is that we can do that for the fraction of the dealership cost. We will flash the computer so no need to be replaced, like on some old Lexus and Toyota, if you have lost the only master key for those old models you can not add additional keys to the vehicle.

The dealership will solve the problem by replacing the ECU module, but a professional locksmith will originate a new master key and flash the computer which will save you a lot of money and time-consuming, and stress, of course. And that scenario is for many other situations, like a broken ignition, malfunctioning key, and others. We are specializing in keys, so we can program remotes, repair ignitions, and key fobs, for which the dealership will just replace the part instead of trying to rebuild or repair.

A good example of that is one of our most common services – ignition repair. The vehicle’s ignition is jammed and will not turn to the On position, so the vehicle can not be driven. In this situation, we will come to the customer’s location and will rebuild the ignition right on the spot, and the key will be still the same. Instead of repairing the ignition cylinder, the dealership will just replace it with a new one, which comes with new different keys than the doors, and this key will need to be programmed to the vehicle, the cost for all of that is much more than what we will charge you, and the time your vehicle will be in the shop.

Our client is our privilege

You can watch how we work on your vehicle right in front of your home or business, rather than the dealership they will take your vehicle somewhere in the back of their service area, and you will not see who is going to work on your car, a professional mechanic or a new guy who has no experience.

When you call Cobra Locksmith, you can ask us any technical questions, and we can answer anything and walk you through the process of getting a replacement key because we do not have a dispatch call center that only answers phone calls like they do in the dealerships.


Ending Notes & Recap

As you can see by now, mobile locksmiths offer many benefits that will always beat going to the dealership when it comes to your car keys. Our work is, of course, backed by a warranty, and even if your key fob stopped working, we will always help our customers. A mobile locksmith is much more convenient, and you will get top-notch service from a professional technician who has many years of locksmithing.

  • Saves you time and money
  • More convenient and works around your schedule
  • Same quality OEM keys
  • Cutting-edge technology used to cut and program by a licensed locksmith who has years of experience of making keys every day.

Thank you for supporting your local locksmith and small businesses.

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