Signs of bad ignition

key ignition replacement

Vehicle ignitions get bad after a long time of use, just like door lock cylinders or anything else. But not only old cars have that issue, at Cobra Locksmith we do repair even new models with failed ignition lock cylinders.

Most common problem

Most of the time it is caused by part failure, there are many vehicles with recalls, which they are known for that problem, but it was never taken to the dealership to be inspected and replaced if have to. Today we are going to educate you, and explain why this is a very common problem, and how to prevent it from happening to you.


In this busy and fast forward life we are usually using our vehicles just to take us from point A to B. And not paying attention to what is happening with your vehicle, can cost you a fortune. We all hate going to dealerships because any kind of vehicle maintenance is not cheap, but it is better to eliminate the problem before it gets to a big problem.

The ignition on your vehicle does not just stop working, overnight. Usually, the part starts showing signs of bad ignition, which are hard to turn sometimes, the key is not going in or out of the ignition easy. As soon as you experience any of these issues call Cobra Locksmith and we will repair it on time. If you wait too long you might get stuck somewhere on the road, or even some other related parts could be damaged as well.

Most of the customers we have a deal with, they just find the sweet spot on how to turn the ignition cylinder and get used to, trying to avoid the locksmith service or dealership. But the truth is that eventually the part will fail, and stop turning the vehicle on.

removing ignition parts of vehicle

That’s why we recommend keeping an eye on how your vehicle performs every day.


There are a few models on the market, which are known for their weak lock cylinders.


Honda vehicles are one of the most common that can be seen in that issue. They started using the laser cut keys in the early 2000s. This new technology provides better security than the traditional keys, but seems like with these keys come complications. Honda is still using these high-tech keys.


Toyota is also on our list, their car keys are traditional, but they do get stuck in the ignition very often, or you are not able to crank your car. Especially it touches SUVs and subcompact vehicles of the brand.


Chrysler, not that many as the other two above, but we do get many calls for exactly the same issue – ignition won’t turn anymore. Common issue lays inside the mechanism parts which are made of soft sorts of metal.

Other car makes

With other models also happens the ignition to jam, but not that often, or sometimes it is a bent key problem, which customers keep using until it gets stuck or breaks in the ignition.


Many customers are not aware that car ignitions can be repaired, not just replaced with a new one. And most of the time this is the best and cheapest way to go. Most of our customers who experience that issue, they take their vehicle straight to the car mechanic. Not every car shop can solve that problem because they do not specialize in locks and keys. They usually call a mobile locksmith to get it done instead.

So back to the rebuilding the ignition, a real locksmith will recommend you to repair it. Basically, he will come on-site and take the broken parts, which are usually the wafers and small springs inside the lock tumbler.

A professional will replace these small parts with a brand new once and rekey it again to your existing key, and lubricate everything and finally put it back together. This will eliminate spending extra money for a new ignition cylinder, new keys, and programming the new keys if equipped with a transponder chip.

new key ignition system for texan customer

And don’t forget that the new ignition comes with new keys, which will be different than your original key, that means you will end up with 2 different keys for your vehicle (1 to start the car, and 2nd that works for your doors, trunk and glove box). That is why we always trying to educate our customers and explaining what exactly they are in.

Many other locksmiths do not provide that service, and they just replace the broken part with a new one, but as we said this is way more expensive and not convenient.


You can never be sure if your car is in perfect condition, but just as we said earlier you have to keep maintaining it and take care of it. The same applies to your ignition as well, make sure it always turns smooth and if it doesn’t you can always reach Cobra Locksmith for ignition repair before it’s too late.

Calling a locksmith on time is important, and of course will be cheaper, than taking your car to a dealership. They replace the broken part with a new one, and that will require new keys and programming as well, and your bill will be sky-high.

car key and ignition switch


The truth is that not only old cars have this issue, and it could happen at the worst time when you will not expect it. That’s why you need to be prepared and to know who to call, a specialist like Cobra Locksmith can save you a lot of money, time, and nerves.

Not every locksmith company is offering this unique service, but we are one of the few in the Cedar Park and Austin area that does. If possible repairing the ignition is always more efficient than replacing it.

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