Tips before renting your property and Texas rental property code

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If you considering renting out your condo, vacation house, or any type of real estate, you have to follow the property code in order to pass the inspection. As a renter, you are obligated and have to take care of the property which you are leasing, and also responsible for the security of the tenant.That’s why is good to invest in quality hardware and trust in a licensed and professional company like Cobra Locksmith.


Every rental is required to have certain locks and security devices as of Texas Property Code, Subchapter D.

  1. If the dwelling has an exterior sliding glass door it’s required to have some type of locking mechanisms such as a security bar, pin lock, or a handle latch. This means that every exterior sliding door needs to be secured from inside. Cobra Locksmith install these type of security devices almost every day, we get last-minute calls from many customers who are about to have their rental inspection but the lock does not work properly or they have never locked the sliding door before. We can easily solve that problem of yours, by installing any of the regulated security locks.
  2. Each exterior door should be equipped with a peephole/ door viewer. If you have a glass door, of course, you will not need to install anything additional, like many back doors they are usually sliding or glass doors. But you will need to have a peephole on the door that goes through the garage, they do consider that as an exterior door. We as authorize dealer and locksmith specialists supply and install door viewers to any type of door. Also very popular are becoming the digital door viewers camera with a small display inside. This is a very good product and if you considering purchasing and installing one for your home let us know.
  3. Keyless deadbolt is one of the most common things that people fail to have on their rental property. Texas property code did not require those locks a few years back, but the regulations change every year. This is a fairly new regulation. The requirements are to have a keyless deadbolt lock on each of the exterior doors, including the garage door. There are many old buildings in the area which do not have these type of security devices and are not up to date with the property code. The keyless bolt lock is basically a lock that can be a lock or unlock only from inside the house, there is nothing from outside. This is a very secured lock, many of our elderly customers are contacting us to install those locks on their doors, so no one can gain access while they are inside or sleep. back in the day, we used to install chain locks, which are basically the same function, they can only be used from inside the house. We work with many property management companies and we do a fresh installation of keyless deadbolts on any material of doors. It doesn’t matter if you have a fiberglass door, antique wood door, or a metal door, we have the ability and the equipment to precisely drill out the door and the frame.
  4. A window latch lock on every exterior window is required by the Texas property code. Which we will not dig into this one that much, this is not some specialty lock and nowadays each window already comes with a lock. But we do offer that service as well, and we do have these types of locks in stock.
  5. Keyed deadbolt lock or doorknob on all exterior doors is necessary to have in the dwelling. This one is also a standard lock which is been in the property code for a while, every door comes already with predrilled holes for at least one lock. If you are a landlord and want to protect your property while someone else is renting it, or just to add extra security to your tenant, you should consider calling a local locksmith company to upgrade your old hardware, with newer locks. Most of the property management companies trying to cut the cost and instead of calling a professional locksmith to do the job, they will buy the cheapest locks for just a few dollars and put those on the dwelling. As a specialist, we can tell you this option is almost zero security for the new tenant and will cost you way more if someone tries to attempt a break-in. A good lock can last many many years and will keep the house secure, so we always recommend investing in a better quality lock.

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Another requirement of the Texas Property Code is the landlord has to contact an authorized locksmith to rekey or change the locks within seven days of the new tenant moves in. The locks on the dwelling have to be rekeyed and new keys have to be provided to the new tenant, that way no one else will have access to the property, like previous tenants who forgot their flowers on the balcony, or their bicycle in the garage and etc. It is cost-efficient to rekey a lock instead of replacing it especially if the hardware is a proven brand quality product.

Nobody wants strangers to have access to your new apartment, security is the most important for us as a locksmith company.

All of that should be written in a rental agreement with all other details and if the landlord does not follow the Texas rental property code, or fail to any of the requirements, like install a keyless lock on each exterior door, or rekey all of the locks on the dwelling, you as a landlord can be in trouble. The tenant has the right to terminate the lease contract without court. Also, they can file a suit against you as a landlord and take you to court. That can cost way more than hiring a locksmith and install and check all of the security devices and if the property is up to date with the property codes.

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With this newest article of ours, you should be prepared and know what steps to take before renting your property, or if you already renting it but you have not read the Texas property code recently because it is boring, but you have read our post we hope you learn something or refreshes your memory.

And you should take precautions to keep your tenant and property safe, by calling Cobra Locksmith +1 512 375 8985 to do a property inspection for all of the security devices and to make sure if your property complies with the requirements of the Texas code.

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