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Is your old lock of the emergency exit broken again? Have you forgot or lost your office keys? Do you need to rekey old locks in the facility? Do you need emergency office lockout? Cobra Locksmith assists with commercial locksmith services at the high quality level.

Installation of progressive lock system is an example of long-term strategy in your business security that guarantees safety of employees and clients.

Trusted and licensed locksmith company in Austin Texas. Just call us or send an enquiry for full estimate of our work for your business needs.

We are experienced in secure systems and always help to real estate agencies, new construction projects, interior design bureaus, grocery stores, property management companies, cafes, schools, clinics facilities, condos, motels, snack bars, small and middle businesses across lovely Austin city.

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Locks installation at Austin office facility by Cobra Locksmith LLC

Reliable and effective locksmith services for business owners alike in North Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Lakeway and other locations. Usually we arrive in 30 minutes near by that area.

Rekey locks for mobile store in Austin downtown by Cobra Locksmith LLC

Rekey locks for mobile store in Austin downtown by Cobra Locksmith LLC

Why does your business should choose Cobra Locksmith?

As your commercial partner we do all professional locksmith works for any types of office spaces, facilities, stores, warehouses, server rooms, authority spaces and any entrance systems for affordable price. Among other advantages we accept all types of payments including cash, credit cards and bank transfer without extra charge or additional fees.

Don’t trust scammers who don’t have license and provide unqualified low-quality services just to cheat you. After a while their cheap and bad products becomes unuseful and gives a lot of trouble for your business stability.

Cobra Locksmith LLC has license #B10442301 approved by Texas Department of Public Safety. Our work is insured by leading company on the US market.

Pay attention on security

Please don’t overlook business security and don’t wait until a problem happened. Unsafe lock system is a weak link in a chain that may cause unexpectable threating circumstances for companies environment. Pay attention on modern generation of smart locks, heavy-duty gate openers, code locks and other new things in secure entrance solutions.

Call us and we provide the gain of security of your business easy and fast. Get the best quote for commercial locksmith services below:

  • install / repair panic bar and emergency exit device;
  • file cabinet and desk locks;
  • master key systems;
  • commercial locks rekey;
  • install/ repair door closers, automatic openers and the rest you have too;
  • keyless entry system;
  • door lock indicator;
  • high security locks;
  • digital control card locks;
  • digital keypad locks;
  • commercial lockouts or office lockout;
  • install latch guard protector.

Please contact for providing information about additional services you need for at

Emergency office locksmith

We unlock any armored doors, fire doors, reinstall broken locks, reissue office keys, repair cylinders and so on. If you are stuck in the office facility we are on the road with you in this emergency situation.

Please keep calm and trust our professionalism – we will be near by in 30 minutes. Our trained specialist will assist to repair entry lock with broken mechanism in moments.

Please don’t break windows and don’t try to use inappropriate methods for door opening. We do our work for your safety and efficiency of your business. Everyday Cobra saves dozens of glass, prevents door surfaces from scratches and saves the locks from irreparable damage.

We supply all types of locking devices

Commercial locks

Deadbolt locks (single or double cylinder), mortise locks, heavy-duty high-security locks

Smart Keyless locks

Electronic Locks, RFID Keyless Locks, Smart Locks and Locks with remote control by smartphone

Interior door locks

Glass door locks, heavy-duty locks with knob, lever lock with key access, utility room locks

Mailbox locks

mailbox locks with key, 90 degrees rotation locks, cabinet and multipurpose small locks


Cobra Locksmith LLC is interested in long-term business partnership with any kind of companies who need to get one of the best locksmith services in Central and North Austin.

We use the best products and material for upgrade your front office doors or exterior glass doors. Emergency fire exits, room with authority access, dressing rooms, equipment spaces with heavy-duty locks – we work with all of them.

Please feel free to contact us by email or phone. Our consultant will navigate you in wide varieties of pro locksmith services.

We value a responsible longterm partnership.

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We are happy to clear some of misunderstandable things or rumors about commercial locksmith services.

Can one lock work with two or more different keys?

Yes, it calls Master key system and allow one lock to operate with as many different keys as you need. Many commercial buildings have that system. For example we can make one master key to open all of the offices to your building and then every single office to be on a separate key for the employees. Nobody wants to care 20+ keys if you can have only 1 master key for all.

Why my business have a push bar on the back door?

Push bar on the back doors are mostly used as an emergency exit devices, which are required for all commercial buildings.

My office have IC core locks and the cylinder just came off the lock, can it be fix?

These IC core locks have two different keys, one (Operating key) for locking and unlocking the lock and another one (Control key) for taking the lock cylinder out. We have seen this when customer try to open the lock but they are using the Control key not the Operating key.

What is "Do not duplicate" key?

Do not duplicate or Duplication prohibited keys are high security keys or for restricted areas, mostly for commercial use.

Can I still get a copy of Do not duplicate key?

Yes. Cobra Locksmith can easily duplicate them, the engraving on the key is just a recommendation.

Does mobile locksmith can copy as many as 20 keys on site?

Mobile locksmith have all the equipment and the key blanks that you have seen in the locksmith stores and key copy is not a problem even 200 keys can be cut on site.

Can you stamp, mark or engrave keys with letters or numbers?

Cobra Locksmith knows that all the keys look pretty much the same that's why we stamp and mark keys all the time fro our commercial client if they request.

Can you duplicate a tubular key for my file cabinet?

We duplicate and originate tubular keys for file cabinets, cash registers, lock boxes money drawers and more.

Can you change the combination of my keypad lock?

Cobra Locksmith can extract the original code if you have forgot it, or change it to a new one.

Can you copy a RFID key fobs on site?

We have the ability to clone and copy all of the RFID key tags or cards right there on the spot.


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