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If you are interested in car key programming, key fob replacement, car key battery change, key copy or rekey your vehicle locks – Cobra Locksmith has you covered.

Fast assistance of car lockout, Lost key or automotive door opening. Feel free to contact our professionals mobile locksmith services.

Trusted and licensed locksmith company in Austin helps Texans every day to duplicate spare car keys, Module re-flashing, transponder keys, remote key fobs, extract broken keys, retrieve the keys locked in the car and door lock repair.


Doesn’t matter what your vehicle is – we work on all European, Asian and American car brands,
including trucks, motorcycles, boats, Rv’s and electric vehicles.

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Car key replacement Austin

Professional and quick restoration of your lost or damaged car keys in moments. Our company is ready to arrive as fast as 30 mins near by Cedar Park and Austin for automotive lockmith services.

Need a key fob replacement, new car keys made on the spot or just key duplication? Cobra Locksmith is all about customer satisfaction and accurate performance in smart keys, transponder chip keys and regular mechanical keys origination for any type of vehicles.

You can trust us for keyless entry programming, transponder key of your car with fast and affordable service at your location. We are 100% licensed and insured company with a huge experience in automotive locksmith services.

Does you car do not start? Did your ignition got jammed and does not turn, or maybe your car key have been stuck in the ignition cylinder? Don’t panic, call Cobra Locksmith and let us diagnose your ignition system and your car key so you can get back on the road again!

Do not get in trouble with towing of your car – just let us help you and save time and money with clean and precise car lockout services. We do not break windows or scratch door of your beautiful ride – We are certified locksmith, and we are using the best tools in the industry to do the job.


We provide the following services listed below. Please feel free to contact with our specialist.
We are happy to answer any question about automotive locksmith services.

Car Key Replacement

  • Transponder key replacement
  • Push to start key replacement
  • Electronic or Smart car keys
  • Duplicate car keys
  • Remote key
  • Ignition key replacement
  • Proximity keys replacement
  • New car key replacement
  • Ignition lock repair / change
  • Laser cut keys / high security keys
  • Standard edge cut keys
  • Tibbie key cut (Jaguar)
  • Keys cut by vin code
  • GM Vats system keys
  • Extraction of broken keys
  • Repair & fix broken key remote
  • Replacement motorcycle keys

Key Fob Replacement

  • Key fob replacement
  • Keyless entry remote fob
  • Transponder chip key cloning
  • OEM key fobs
  • Car remote battery replacement
  • Remote start key fobs
  • Garage door openers/ clickers
  • RFID key tags/ cards copy
  • Key fob cloning
  • Key fob programming
  • Car remote programming
  • Key fob frequency test
  • Fobic keys replacement
  • OBD Bluetooth entry (use your smartphone as a remote)
  • Key fob case replacement

Car Keys Programming

  • ECU Programming
  • ECU/ECM Reflash
  • Smart keys programming
  • Transponder chip keys programming
  • Immobilizer replacement
  • Fix & repair aftermarket alarm problems
  • Intelligent key programming
  • Immobilizer bypass
  • Alarm system disable
  • Erase lost key from car memory
  • Unlock used key fobs
  • Reprogram used key fobs
  • Disable Ford MyKey
  • Ford/ Lincoln Keyless entry code find/change
  • Infrared Smart key programming (Mercedes)


We are happy to clear some of misunderstandable things or rumors about car locksmith services.

I have lost all of my car keys, can i still get a replacement key?

Yes, thats what Cobra Locksmith specializes in. We can originate you a new replacement key right at your location, no need to tow the vehicle and much cheaper than the dealer.

My key fob stopped working, can you reprogram it?

We can reprogram it to your vehicle, but first we will test the key fob for signal if it doesn't send signal maybe the battery is dead if thats not the case your fob might be damaged.

Does my car key have transponder chip or it's just a metal key?

That we can't answer you before we know what is the year, make and model, but most of the vehicles made in early 2000s are equipped with immobilizer system and it's a chip key.

My ignition cylinder doesn't turn and i can't start my car do i need to take it to the dealer?

You don't have to take it to the dealer, just call Cobra Locksmith and we will come out to you and rebuild your ignition lock cylinder for the fraction of the dealers cost.

Can you make a key for my Jaguar, the dealer told me 2 weeks?

Yes, we can originate your Jaguar key right on the spot at the same day.

My key is separate from the remote, is there a key and remote all together?

Yes we can make pretty much any key to a new flip key design or remote head key.

My Honda remote key is falling a part can i get just a key case?

This is a very common issue with all Honda keys. We can change just the shell on your Honda remote key and no need extra reprogramming.

I have lost one of my car key, can you delete it from the memory of the car?

Yes, we will recommend you to call us and erase all other lost keys or from previous owner.

My car key got wet and stopped working, can it be fix?

Most likely you will need a new car key, but the good news are that we have waterproof flip keys in stock for most make and models.

Can i get a key copy if I broke my key in the door lock, half of the piece is still stuck and i don't have another key?

Not a problem, we can extract the broken key from your door lock and originate you a new one if you still have all the missing pieces from the key.

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