Emergency Locksmith

Locked out of your car? Lost keys to your house? Forgot keys to your office doors? Cobra Locksmith is ready to assist you with all emergency locksmith services.

Don’t let scammer cheat you through an installation of cheap stuff with bad quality. They take advantage of your defenselessness in an unforeseen emergency situation. Trust only a real company – Cobra Locksmith.

We help Texans in Austin city to escape from locked cars, homes and labor spaces when keys are lost, car key fob or lock is broken.

Emergency lockout of kids

Think about your security and the well-being of your loved ones – don’t panic and call us now.

Everyday our technicians saves dogs and kids caught in an emergency situation with locked car doors. It’s very dangerous.

We do emergency lockouts of kids free of charge in Cedar Park TX area only.

Please call 911 to local EMS if your child is in trouble. Keep calm and wait for the rescue team. Don’t try to break car or home windows.


Home / Car / Office Lockouts

Locked keys in apartments or in vehicle, lost the keys, facility or car lockout services

Automotive locksmith

Start on/off ingnition repair, transponder programming, car key replacement, car door fix

Keys and locks

Deadbolt locks, cylinders, mortise locks, heavy-duty high-security locks, key duplication and fast rekey


We appreciate you time and respect your attitude – that’s why one of the best emergency locksmith services will be in 30 minutes near by these locations:

  • Cedar Park
  • Austin downtown
  • Georgetown
  • Pflugerville
  • Leander
  • Liberty Hill
  • Round Rock
  • Lago Vista
  • Lakeway
  • Manor
  • Sun City

Please contact even if you are not at these areas. We try to help you and be there as soon as possible.


We are happy to clear some of misunderstandable things or rumors about emergency locksmith services.

I have locked my keys inside the car, how to get my vehicle open?

Well the easiest and the best way to get your vehicle open, it is to call a professional locksmith who can open the vehicle without any scratch or damage.

Does my insurance cover emergency vehicle lockouts?

If you had to use a locksmith to open your vehicle, just make sure you keep the receipt or invoice. Most of the big insurance companies have that coverage.

The power went out and my garage door opener doesn't open, do i need a new opener?

We have seen that situation many times. Most of the time the garage opener just need to be reset from inside and will continue working, but there is a chance to be burned out.

My keypad lock stopped working and it blinks red when i punch the code, can that be fix?

If you are punching wrong code it will blink red. The other sign of red light is that most of the keypad locks are battery operated, the red light means that the battery on lock is low or dead.

Is there a lock that works with Alexa?

Yes, there is a few digital keypad locks that works with Alexa, from your phones app or tablet.

I lose my keys very often, how can i prevent that?

Today it's easier than ever, just simply attach a smart key finder/ tracker to your keychain and keep track of your keys from your phone.

Does people still hide their house keys under the floor mat and etc?

We have seen some people still have that bad habit, but as a professionals we will strongly recommend not to do that and install a digital lock instead. That way you can lock and unlock the door from distance in case someone needs to come to your home.

My dog locked me out of my house by locking the keyless deadbolt from inside. How do i get it open?

Cobra Locksmith gets a lot of these calls. The good news are Yes we can get you in your house, but that required special tools and needs to be done by professional locksmith like us.

What type of documents do i need if i want to break in to my vehicle?

As a professional locksmiths we have to check that this is really your vehicle. We will need any type of ownership as a car insurance, registration or you vehicle title and your ID.

Is there a master key that can open any door lock?

No there is no such a thing, every lock has a unique key cuts. It is very rare 1 key to match the same key cuts to another lock.


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