Why do you need a spare key?

car key fobs

Gone are the days when you buy a car you will get three or four keys for it. Nowadays car keys are much more complicated and some of them even holds data from the vehicle. You will be lucky if they give you a set of two keys with your vehicle.

Thats why we always encourage customers to get a spare keys because of their importance and it’s like a small investment which will save you a lot of time, money and nerves believe us.

Pay attention to spare keys

People don’t think about it until the key is misplaced somewhere and they cant find it. But the bad news are that it’s not that easy to get a replacement key if you do not have any of the original keys. Of course we can get it done but it will take much longer, more expensive and your plan for the day is ruined. Most of our customers who had that bad faith to lose the only key, that happen in the moment they do not expected at all.

In this fast forwarded life we are always so destructed that we don’t pay attention to small things like a key which can ruin you plan for the day or even your long planning vacation trip. To get a key copy for a house, that is not expensive at all just a few dollars and you can keep spare keys with.

How to prevent unexpectable situations

It’s a good step to stay calm in emergency situation. You can leave your spare keys:

  • to your family;
  • to relatives;
  • to some close friends.

It needs in case you lose your house key, you have who to call and let you in your home. Car keys are usually more complicated than the house keys because of the security on the vehicle.

Spare key making process

Most of the vehicles manufactured in the early 2000s have immobilizer system which makes it more secured and prevents from burglar and thief. These type of keys are equipped with a transponder micro chip inside the plastic head of the key.

These keys are more expensive because they require a programming to the vehicle to merry the transponder chip and the immobilizer antenna together. To get a key like that is also pretty simple job in most cases, at Cobra Locksmith we can clone your existing key and duplicate another one identical as the original in about 10 minutes or so.

To get a spare key is always much cheaper and faster.

Locked out of your vehicle

Everyday we help stranded customers in locked out of a car situation, and this is not fun at all, in specially here in Austin TX in the hot summer day. Spare car key will prevent you from being locked out of your car that is another big plus of getting your spare key on time.

In emergency situation

Being locked out is pretty stressful and people usually panic if that happen. We can ensure you that staying calm is the first thing you need to do.

Then make sure you do not have a spare key back home or in your relative. If you need the door of your vehicle open asap you can always give us a call and we will be at your location in no time. We show up with a smile, and will make the process smooth and painless for your vehicle.

Spare key is a locksmith solution

ford mustang key fob copy

Many of the new cars now only have a smart key fobs which you don’t need to put the key and turn it to start your car. All you have to do is just keep the key close to you or in your pocket and press the start button on the vehicle to get it start.

These keys have proximity function which is recognized by the vehicle and allow you to open it and drive it.

But these type of keys usually get buried in the purse and are very easy to misplace them. Getting a spare for those smart keys is a must. We can program any smart key, for any make and model on the spot and our prices are much less than the dealer will ask for that key.

Usually car dealers they order their keys and might take days for domestic brands, and if it’s foreign model vehicle up to 2-3 weeks to get that key. Nobody wants to wait, thats why we keep in stock any type of keys, and our mobile locksmith van is fully loaded with keys up to 2020 car models.

Ending notes

If your key is broken and falling a part just get the right decision and call us before the key stop working or before it’s totally broken, and we will come to your location and duplicate a new key.

We hope you will take some notes and a new spare key will be in your bucket list. Don’t wait until your key brakes or you get locked out of your vehicle, call you local key specialist Cobra Locksmith and we will get you a new keys to your home or car right on the spot.

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