Choosing between digital keypad and regular deadbolt locks

what lock is better - keypad or regular deadbolt

To help you make the right decision, we are going to explain you the pros and cons for digital keypad and regular deadbolt lock down below.
Nowadays the market is full with wide variety of different locks and we gonna help you see which type lock suit your needs the best. Don’t just buy the first lock you see in the store and expect to last you forever, and keep burglars away from your home. Make sure you read this article and you will know what type of lock exactly to buy.

Digital Keypad Locks

keypad lock

Digital locks are becoming more and more popular. They also have their advantages and of course disadvantages which we will cover here today. Digital keypad locks are best known for their convenience and thats why many customers prefer to make their life easier with those type of locks. With digital keypad you can gain access to your home easy and quick and the keyless option is one of the big advantages.

Imagine how cool it is not to keep a key for your home or for all of your properties. The only thing you need is to memorize the combination and you are good to go. For some of us that is not a problem to keep a single key in the pocket but for others having more than 15 keys on a keychain is another item that they care all day around.

Some of the keypads are really easy to operate them changing combinations and delete old codes. The front door is the first impression of your guest or visitor so make sure you thrill them with your hi-tech lock.

Advantages of Digital Keypad Locks

  • No need to keep keys with you
  • Digital locks light up so you can see in the dark
  • You can control them from your phone or tablet
  • You can have many different combinations
  • Good home security
  • You can get notifications on your phone if the door opens
  • Ability to let people in your home just from your phone if you are on vacation
  • Indicator light will notify you if the battery is running low

Disadvantages of Digital Keypad Locks

  • Most of them are battery operated
  • More expensive
  • Lack of Wi-fi can prevent the lock to not operate
  • Lost of power will locked you out of your home
  • Doesn’t last that long

Regular Deadbolt Locks

regular deadbolt lock

Regular deadbolt lock is a mechanical lock that you have to use a key to lock and unlock it. This type of lock is been around for long time and many of us still prefer to use a key. The wide variety of these locks is much more than the digital once. Using a key to get in your house or apartment is more like a habit for most of us.

These locks also they can be found in different quality and grade of security from very low, middle to really high security locks. Wide range of colors, different shapes and for every budget makes these locks more desirable for customers. We have been service deadbolt locks older than 30 years and they still functioning normal, but how secured and reliable can be that lock nowadays is another thing we will discuss shortly.

Many people don’t pay attention to the locks but when it comes to security, thats what keeps your doors locked and your home safe. We have seen it all from family of 8 having only 2 key copies for the house – to a million dollars home with the cheapest lock on the front door.

Advantages of Regular Deadbolt Locks

  • Wide variety of locks different style (from antique to modern), shapes and colors
  • Different price range for any budget (from cheap to very expensive)
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to instal
  • Last long

Disadvantages of Regular Deadbolt Locks

  • The need of a key
  • Cheap lock can be bypass really easy
  • Some cheap locks can be open with the same key (which means your neighbor could have same key as yours)
  • Cheap locks doesn’t last long and they get rusted
  • Need lubrication once in a while

Final Notes and Our Recommendations

If you have read above some of the features of these two type of locks which are very different, now you know what kind of lock to search for and which one fill out your needs. For best results for either one of those locks we will suggest to get a professional installation from your local locksmith or contact the professionals at Cobra Locksmith.

We can also guide you which brand can be good option for you, and where to find a great price in Cedar Park or Austin area. Cobra also recommend to upgrade your home security if you have been using old and rusty locks, if you have done remodeling on your house and have a freshly painted door make sure you replace the lock with a new and gleamy lock for a better look on your door.

Stop hiding keys under the floor mat and call us to install you a digital keypad lock which can be controlled from your smart phone and you can keep in track who comes and goes in your home. Get instantly notification when somebody open the door. Keep thieves away with smart lock on your door or better quality deadbolt lock, don’t be cheap when it comes to your home and family safety.

You can call Cobra Locksmith for a free quote or a consultation.

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