How to improve your home security

high security electronic lock for home automation

In this article we are going to share very useful tips about home security, and how to keep a burglar away from your place. Nowadays it is easier than ever to keep on eye on your house when you are on vacation or at work.

The technology is so advanced, and there are so many cool gadgets that you can add to your house and control them from distance.

Door locks, digital keypads and keyless deadbolts

In previous post we wrote about choosing of digital keypads and regular deadbolts for your reference. Let’s talk more precisely about them.

The door is the main entrance to your home, and of course, you want to keep your house safe and secure. To do that you have to call a licensed locksmith like us, and get some advice if your current door locks are good enough or maybe they are pretty old and easy to open. Many of the old houses stil have the same hardware from when they have been built, we talking about 30-40 years old locks. Yes, they still operating but how secured they could be.

Main limitations of old classic door locks are:

  • wearout for a long time;
  • aged and insightly look of hardware;
  • easy unathorized access by skilled marauder;
  • unexpected mechanical jamming;
  • high-risk breakdown possibility due to the time.

We are a professional locksmith and we do work with high-quality parts, that’s why we always recommend the highest quality doorknobs and deadbolts to our customers. High-security locks are must for commercial buildings, but why not for homes as well, it is very rare that we see a very good quality hardware on some front door. This is because their price is way more than the once you find in Home Depot and people do not invest in that.

Very popular are becoming the digital locks, which we do install those almost every day. Of course, they do have their pros and cons, like some of the negative things are that most of the keypads are battery operated and in this busy life people don’t pay attention to the battery indicator, so of course, if there is no power the device will not work. But on the other side, the advantages are way more, these types of locks can be controlled from your phone.

The good brands like Schlage you can connect it to wi-fi and gain access from anywhere in the world, if you want to open the door or change combination you can do all that from your phone or tablet. But the main thing will be, that you can get notifications if someone is trying to hack your lock or if the door is open.

example of Schlage digital lock with keypad

What you need to use digital lock:

  • proper installation by professional locksmith;
  • wi-fi router at home;
  • internet access at home;
  • smartphone or tablet;
  • relative application on your gadget.

The other type of hardware that we can install to your door to improve your home security is an updated version of the chain lock which is a keyless deadbolt. Here in Texas, in Cedar Park precisely, this one-sided lock is mandatory for rental properties. It is required to have one on each door in addition to the regular locks on the door.

This is a safe way to secure your house if you are inside or if you are going somewhere on vacation.

heavy duty keyless deadbolt

Home automation and smart home security

To have an alarm with 24 hours monitoring on your home is one of the best things to keep your home secured. But many of the new alarm systems are smart, basically you connect most of the devices in your home to a hub which controls everything and also from your phone.

You can add the digital lock, your home lights, garage door, air conditioning thermostat, ceiling fans, and pretty much anything to the smart home system. You can manage your home from your phone wherever you are at. With all that comfort and accessibility you get real-time alerts.

Home monitoring is not just protecting your home from burglars, but from fire, gas leak or flood. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector all in one can be installed and connected to the system these are pretty cheap but really can save your entire house from fire or gas leak, and also a smart water sensors they work great too.

For example, most of similar projects we did near by Austin area:

  • Georgetown
  • Lago Vista
  • Cedar Park
  • Pflugerville

Look at these great stuff, most of Texans choose smart home lock systems for unlimited security opportunities.

high security electronic lock for home automation


In the last few years, these new devices became crazy popular. Just because nobody thought a simple doorbell can be a very good combination with the new technology. Built-in camera, motion sensors, and microphones these doorbells are very hot on the market, even some people are using them instead of security cameras.

You can record and see live time who comes closer to your property. They are pretty affordable and it really works. If you do have the digital keypad combined with that bell is a pretty good combination, just because you can see who’s coming and even talk to them, and open the door at the same time.

Install motion sensor lights

Very good and not expensive way is to install these lights all-around your house. Just because burglars are always hiding in the dark this can put them out of their comfort zone, or maybe they will get scared of someone seeing them or recording them.

Ending notes

Home security is the most important, not only when you are away, but also when you are home sleeping you want to feel safe. The technology build in all these hardware makes it much easier and safer. Trust only licensed companies or simply call Cobra Locksmith and we can recommend brands of good quality locks, which we can supply and install for you.

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